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Senior Living Center Near Topeka in Silver Lake


At Home of the Flint Hills, we welcome you into a community where your retirement years are surrounded by care and comfort. Nestled in the peaceful surroundings of Silver Lake, KS, we offer a full range of services under one roof. Our adult daycare is a hub of laughter and activity, while our respite stay provides a reassuring break for caregivers and a cozy stay for seniors. We understand that needs change, which is why our facilities include additional resources to residents such as assisted living, memory care, and evenskilled nursing all provided as part of the seamless care experience we provide, allowing you to stay in the community you love, no matter the level of care you require.


Our approach is to keep life simple and joyful for you. We focus on what you can do and how you prefer to live, ensuring that your independence is respected while help is always at hand when you need it. Our caring staff is devoted to creating a space where life is lived with dignity, your stories are valued, and each day is about enjoying the moment. It's not just about the support we offer, it's about the smiles, the shared stories, and the personal touches that make this place home.


As a family-owned, faith-inspired community, we pour our hearts into making Home of the Flint Hills a place where respect, integrity, and genuine care are the foundation of everything we do. We invite you to come and see for yourself how life here is all about embracing each day with confidence and contentment, knowing you’re in a place that’s not just a residence, but a home where you’re cherished

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Senior Living Facility Near Topeka KS
Silver Lake Kansas assisted living facility

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We want our residents to truly choose every moment of their lives. To be able to receive the best care and have the freedom they deserve. We want to share our Dreams with you!


Senior Living Done Differently

Since our inception in 2016, Home of the Flint Hills has continuously set a new standard in senior living, seamlessly integrating professional, personalized care within a warm, family-like environment. Every aspect of our community is thoughtfully tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each resident, ensuring that care is not only provided with the utmost integrity, honor, and respect but also resonates with a sense of personal recognition and appreciation. Our picturesque ranch-style home in Silver Lake, KS, welcomes seniors from across the state, offering a peaceful yet vibrant setting that balances solitude and community. As a family-owned establishment driven by faith and a commitment to honor the teachings of Jesus Christ, we dedicate ourselves to making a significant, positive impact in the lives of our residents every single day, striving to not just house but truly uplift the spirits of those who choose to make their home with us.

Here At Home Of The Flint Hills We’re Family First

At Home of the Flint Hills, "family first" isn't just a saying, it's the cornerstone of our ethos. Here, every resident becomes an integral part of our extended family, receiving care that is as personalized as it is heartfelt. Our devoted team goes above and beyond to assist our seniors in embracing the beauty of aging with grace, offering support that's attuned to their individual needs and wishes. We champion the idea that one's later years should be a time of honor and celebration. Day in and day out, our staff dedicates themselves to providing unparalleled care, ensuring each person in our community has the opportunity to flourish and savor the richness of their golden years in a nurturing, joy-filled environment.

We are licensed by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability

Accommodations & Amenities

Private One or Two Bedroom Suites


Private Bathrooms & Zero Entry Showers


Shared Social Areas




Premier Spa Tub


Heated Floor Throughout Our Home


Cable Package


24 Hour Security / Locked Home


Emergency Nurse Call System


Three Family-Style Meals Daily


Open Kitchen


Outdoor Living Area


Housekeeping & Individual Laundry Services


Personalized Health Care, Medication Administration & Therapy Services



For your convenience we provide additional services that can be paid as you go. These services are optional and must be requested by residents or their loved ones.

On-Site Beauty Salon & Barbershop

Need your beard trimmed? Want to have your hair cut and styled and your nails done? Visit our on-site beauty salon and barbershop!

Transportation Services to Appointments

If you have outside appointments, we will work with you to arrange transportation to the dentist, doctor, or wherever else you need to be.

Call Today to Schedule A Tour 785-494-2600
Building Community Through Activities & Social Interaction

In our quest to support the well-being of our residents, Home of the Flint Hills creates an active and engaging atmosphere filled with hobbies and activities tailored to the interests and needs of our community. By promoting a lifestyle rich in physical and mental stimulation, we help our residents preserve their independence and vitality. Here are a variety of programs and activities we offer:

Activities we host include:

Social Events
● Family Nights
● Family-Style Meals
● Morning Chair Yoga

Pizza Days
● Arts & Crafts

…and much more!

Daytime Harmony & Restful Respite: Your Partners in Senior Care

Home of the Flint Hills is proud to announce our Adult Daycare & Respite Stay services, furthering our commitment to exceptional senior care in our community. These services are designed to accommodate individuals with diverse medical and personal needs, offering supervision, engaging social activities, meals, and various medical services. Whether opting for our daycare or utilizing respite stay for your loved ones, rest assured they will receive the utmost respect and dignity, akin to our full-time residents

The Difference Our Senior Lake Retirement Community Makes

Retirement communities revolutionize the way we approach senior living, offering an enriched lifestyle filled with opportunities for social engagement, personal growth, and essential care that caters to the unique needs of seniors.


At our community, we take this concept to the next level, offering an unparalleled living experience for senior citizens. With a comprehensive range of services, we tailor our care to meet the diverse needs of our residents, ensuring they receive the right balance of support and independence. Our skilled nursing and memory care options are meticulously designed to provide top-notch medical and personal care, while our assisted living facilities offer a blend of independence and support that allows seniors to thrive.


But it's not just about the services we offer; it's about the vibrant, nurturing community we've cultivated. Our residents enjoy a wealth of activities and programs that promote physical health, mental stimulation, and social interaction. From fitness classes and art workshops to group outings and cognitive games, our community is buzzing with opportunities to stay active, learn new skills, and forge meaningful connections with peers.


At our retirement community, we redefine senior living, offering an exceptional lifestyle that meets the needs of today’s seniors. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive, to be valued, and to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with being part of a dynamic, caring community.

Senior Living Center

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518 East Lakeland Drive
Silver Lake, KS 66539

Phone: 785-494-2600
Fax: 1-877-658-1683

8:00 to 5:00 pm


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